3 10, 2018

New Release 10/19/18 Love Sensation – Dj Spen ans Susu Bobien and Q&A with Legend DJ SPEN

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MyHouseRadio Q&A with Legend DJ Spen and Debut of The Classic, Love Sensation coming out 10/5/18 with the great Susu Bobien!

My House Radio DJ Spen Quantized DJ Spen – Quantized Recordings

This Month we at My House Radio are truly humbled and […]

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25 07, 2018

Why Are We Moved by Music?

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brain music Music! Understanding our emotional responses to songs, lyrics, and chords.

Music is the shorthand of emotion. –Leo Tolstoy

Music has the ability to evoke powerful emotional responses—both chills and thrills—in listeners. And this capacity is universal. Why are we moved by music? How does […]

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10 07, 2018

‘What a star he would be today’: the extraordinary musical legacy of Sylvester

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7 06, 2018

Maturing Ibiza

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Ibiza my house The luxurious ‘Anything Can Happen Suite’ at Ushuaïa Beach Hotel

By Johnny Lee

In the 2010’s, the impact of higher quality hotels, led by Ushuaïa, changed the Ibizan landscape permanently. In this feature, Johnny Lee turns away from clubs and looks at how increasing accommodation standards […]

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