17 01, 2019

Panasonic Returns the Technics 1200 Turntable

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Photo: Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo) At CES 2016, Panasonic revived the Technics 1200 turntable line which had last been updated with the MK6 back in 2008. The pricey Grand Class Technics SL-1200G was targeted at audiophiles, however, while the 1200’s biggest fanbase had been mostly DJs who loved its high-torque, direct-drive platter. Two years later, Panasonic announced the Technics [...]

17 01, 2019

First Look: Denon Prime 4

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David Michael 1/17/19 📦 Pre-order now from TheDJHookup.com It features a massive, adjustable 10” HD display which supports multi-touch gestures, rugged metal construction including the 6-inch jog wheels, 4 assignable inputs (for connecting media players or turntables), 2 dedicated XLR mic inputs with individual control, 8 performance trigger pads per side, and a suite [...]

22 10, 2018


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NO STUDIO NEEDED: HOW ANYONE CAN MAKE A HIT RECORD WITH A LAPTOP The Future of Music, episode 4 By Dani Deahl@danideahl  Sep 28, 2018, 9:00am EDT Photography by Amelia Holowaty Krales Presented By SHARE When I walk into music producer Oak Felder’s studio in the hills of Los Angeles for episode 4 of The Future of Music, it [...]

22 10, 2018

Pro DJ Link: Learn 5 “Secret” Features Of Pioneer DJ’s Protocol

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By Teo Tormo   djtechtools: Pro Link Secrets   Almost every Pioneer DJ standalone device has a Pro DJ Link ethernet port on the back of it. You might know the basics, but in today’s article, DJTT contributor Teo Tormo shares some of the lesser-known features of Pro Link. Learn how to preview tracks [...]

18 10, 2018

DJ Gear Prices Going Up: Trump’s Trade War Hits Our Industry

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By Dan White Made in China Many manufactured consumer products are built in China, and DJ gear is no exception. Over the last few months, we’ve been carefully watching the developing trade war between the Trump administration and China, suspecting that eventually it would impact our industry. In the last few weeks, this suspicion came [...]

10 10, 2018

DJ Software: Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ. Which Should You Choose In 2018?

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A laptop DJ plays a party. But what DJ software should you choose? And why? Find out as we compare the big four and the "best of the rest". Probably more than any other question, this is the one we get asked over and over by beginners. While there’s clearly no one [...]

26 09, 2018

Open Source Challenge: Why One Band Chose Linux To Record Their New Album (Forbes)

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Jason Evangelho Contributor Games I cover the fascinating worlds of Linux, PC gaming & consumer hardware Thirteen years ago I was producing an indie music podcast called Insomnia Radio when Lorenzo's Music stumbled across my radar. Their single "Hot Water Avalanche" was this appealing combination of loud percussion, rapid-fire lyrics, acoustic guitar and random death metal-style screams. This [...]

14 09, 2018


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Almost two decades ago, we created DJ software designed for the club. Since then, it’s filled sound systems and dancefloors across the world. We’ve used your input over the years to create a platform for every DJ, no matter what their style, or where they play. October 18, 2018 will see the release of TRAKTOR [...]

12 09, 2018

Native Instruments Drops Huge Payload Of DJ/Producer Gear

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LAST UPDATED 6 SEPTEMBER, 2018 Native Instruments has just announced a whole boatload of fresh new gear and software for DJ/producers. As part of its line-up of new products, Native Instruments has just announced a host of fresh software updates as well as slick new hardware aimed at DJ/producers and music makers. [...]

12 09, 2018

Rekordbox DJ 5.4 Launched, Adds XDJ-RR Support & Traffic Light Key Mixing Aid

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LAST UPDATED 10 SEPTEMBER, 2018 Rekordbox Traffic Light Pioneer DJ recently launched an update to its Rekordbox software. Now at version 5.4, the update includes support for the XDJ-RR standalone system as well as the new Traffic Light feature for key mixing. The way it works is it highlights songs in your collection [...]