2502, 2017

New DJ Profiles Coming Soon!

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We have some of the best and diverse collections of DJs and Music Producers from around the world

2402, 2017

DJ ATHAN – Athens, Greece

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a.k.a. Athanasios Tsekouras

He is considered as one of the most experienced and travelledDjs of his generation having rich sounds and general knowledge about music especially from Electronic & House !!!
His love for the Electronic & House music started in the mid 90’s influenced by Artists & Dj / Producers who dominated the Clubs […]

2402, 2017


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Thesele Moshoeshoe known as “Thes-Man” in the music industry is one of the young and gifted to step into the house scene. His journey begins at a tender age of 14, his interest in house music started by collecting work from local and international influencers such as DJ Fresh, Oskido, Rocco and many others. He […]

2302, 2017

Roland’s DJ-808 Controller Demo

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>> Read More https://www.roland.com/us/products/dj-808/

2302, 2017

Pioneer DDJ-RZX + Rekordbox Video

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The DDJ-RZX looks (and behaves) a lot like someone took the Numark Dashboard and permanently installed it to a DDJ-RZ. It offers three 7-inch touch screens, each of which allow you to:

preview and monitor video and image files
trigger beat/release FX
Touch FX that allow use of X/Y controls to change level/depth of the effect

2302, 2017

San Francisco Has a Disco Preservation Society and It’s Protecting the City’s Dancing History

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February 15, 2017 Alexander Iadarola
Photo courtesy of FreeStockPhotos

Although the disco era of the 70s and early 80s is long gone, interest in the music and culture of that era continues to grow with time. Since 2013, Bay Area native Jim Hopkins has been doing diligent work to preserve the archives of San Francisco’s disco history […]

2302, 2017

Denon DJ Spearheads Huge Assault On Pro DJ Sector With SC5000 Player

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>> Read More http://www.digitaldjtips.com/2017/01/denon-dj-launches-huge-assault-on-pro-dj-sector/?inf_contact_key=80e812062bfef293a3fb7942251dd437052bbef19c17bea6055ec3cfcb41ddfd

2302, 2017

A TRIP THROUGH DJ BOOTHS: 1976 – 2016 The evolution of DJ technology

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1976 may seem distant in time, but the similarities are a little closer than you might think. Forty years ago, mixing vinyl on turntables was the cool kids’ way to play, but the city councils were hell-bent on shutting down our favourite clubs. Sound familiar? The thriving disco scene of the genre’s capital city, New […]

1511, 2016

David Mancuso, DJ and Dance Culture Pioneer, Dies aged 72

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Tributes paid to founder of The Loft, New York’s ‘first underground dance party’, which welcomed marginalised and LGBTQ audiences

‘The core idea behind The Loft is social progress’ … David Mancuso. Photograph: Allan Tannenbaum/Getty Images

David Mancuso, DJ and pioneer of New York dance culture, has died aged 72. Kid Recordings owner Craig Shifty announced the death […]

1511, 2016

David Mancuso DJ Set @ Red Zone – Italy 04-20-2003

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